Insurance claim help

We represent the policyholder.  We prepare, negotiate, and present all types of commercial insurance claims and household insurance claims on your behalf, allowing you to get on with other real life decisions.

We specialise in assisting policyholders who are in dispute with the insurance company: where the claim has been unreasonably rejected or reduced or remained unpaid for an unjustified length of time.

What we offer

  • Professionally qualified policy wording and insurance contract specialists
  • No settlement, no fee
  • Assistance with and management of insurance claims
  • Insurance Policy reviews
  • Thorough, realistic evaluations
  • UK and overseas coverage


Get In Contact With Us

The sooner you contact us the sooner we can help with your claim.

An initial contact will be treated in the strictest confidence. We will not contact your Insurance Company, or their appointed representatives, without your prior written instructions / agreement.

Claims Consultants

Insurance claim dispute?  Unreasonable reduction of your claim? Confusing declinature of your claim? Excessive delays in settling your claim? Insco can help with your claim!

Claims consultants represent and protect the policyholder’s interests during the insurance claim process, ensuring that policyholders receive what they are legally entitled to when making a claim on their insurance policies.

Negotiable rates

No settlement, no fee!

Our fees are often outweighed by the increased settlements that we can achieve, and by the reduction of your own valuable time spent dealing with the insurance claim.

  • Professionally qualifed policy wording and insurance contract dedicated handlers to support you
  • Specialists in dealing with insurance claims that have been rejected, delayed or reduced by Insurance Companies or Loss Adjusters.
  • Specialists in material damage building insurance claims (particularly drains and water supply pipes, fire, flood, escape of water) theft, motor vehicle and business interruption claims.