About Us

Let Insco help with your claim… Especially complex or disputed insurance claims!

Insco has been providing comprehensive support and claims resolution to clients since 2001. We understand how insurers and loss adjusters operate and have the experience to present claims in the most beneficial way to policyholders. We are skilled in deciphering the small print of your insurance policy wording, enabling us to properly formulate, present and negotiate the optimum settlement of your claim. In order to see how a claim would be managed, view our Services.


Why Choose Us?

  • All aspects of your claim will be managed by us, saving you time and money and ensuring minimum disruption.
  • We have a vast depth of technical knowledge that enables us to deal with insurance companies and loss adjusters on a level playing field.
  • Our reputation within the industry ensure your claim will get the professional attention it deserves.


We have taken on and resolved disputed claims which solicitors and other loss assessors have been unable to progress. We specialise in advising and assisting commercial and domestic policyholders with disputed or rejected insurance claims, including denial or restriction of policy liability due to breach of conditions or warranties, policy avoidance, under insurance, and in most cases without the need for expensive litigation with solicitors.